Cruising   By using an inside-out approach to record the lives of thirteen working girls from Kings Cross, Cruising provides a very immediate and visceral experience of their everyday realities, shocking truths and relentless dreaming.  The photo journalistic approach reveals a confronting physicality that comes with intimacy at a price, while the Kings Cross’ streetscapes are taken through dirty car windows and isolates the “objectified” in what seems a dangerously surreal world.  What is truly revealing about this project is the endearing commentary from the participants, their insights allow the viewer to connect with a familiar truth - a sad yet cathartic realisation that their dreams that keep them sane and, like all of us, it’s their familiar contradictions that define them.
  By the River    I like you so much and consider you as one of my friend, so please all information provided by me, our talks and photos taken should not be released in the Cambodia newspapers, and I am really grateful if you should not make public any information provided by me and Tran.     Also, I must beg you not to cause any harm or trouble to us. I suggested that you should not come in shacks around here, if girls in those shacks knew your intention, they would dob on to Madam, you should have not been allowed to come in any shacks around here; Tran and me should get into trouble, too. Thank you and hope that you would sympathise with our situation. 
  Phnom Penh – The supporting characters.   2011 – 2013.